About Us

Vintage lovers, interior décor addicts, bookworms, environmentalists: we are talking to you.

Like us, maybe you have also wondered what is the future of all the old encyclopaedias that no one is ever going to read again, because the information they provide is outdated, or just because now all the information in the world is conveniently one google search away. We simply couldn’t accept such a waste: these old pages hold a beauty and an artistry that just waits to be rediscovered.

That’s why we decided to make “We give a second life to forgotten books” our motto, selecting and restoring well preserved vintage encyclopaedia pages to create art for your home, decorating them with original and selected designs.
Ready to rediscover some of the most iconic art pieces like you’ve never seen them before? Or maybe you’re curious to discover how the next generation of artists and illustrator is gonna shape our taste and aesthetic?

Then, let us take you on a journey though time and space, and make any room more special with the great masterpieces of art from all times and places, or get inspired by the ground-breaking contemporary artists and illustrators featured in our capsule collections.
We created original artworks inspired by what we love, and we are sure you will love it too. Every design and every page is absolutely original and unique: if you haven't seen them before, it's because they are our exclusive creation.
Let your walls tell you a history of curiosity and wanderlust, ready to be discovered by modern time travellers.

From our Berlin studio, to your home.